A day in the barn

10/05/2017 Yet another update. OK, the black Mom cat it back in the barn. She now has 3 kittens – two black and white and one all black. I am not sure but I think that the reason she was leaving was she was trying to get the all black kitten from where ever it was. I sat again in the tack room with all of the food. She actually made it in the door – I actually was able to try and grab her. Yep, you guessed it – she bolted and I didn’t have a good enough grip. I was happy to see that she was eating – but she is still really skinny! John and Harvey have said that they will help tomorrow. I finally had to put the food out because the other cats are mothers too and they need to be making milk for their kittens.

10/04/2017 Sad update. The Mom cat with the two black and white kittens (one I named “Whitey” the other I named “Booger”)  seems to have disappeared.  I did get a little bit of the family tree figured out. The Black Mom is the parent to these two kittens. We have seen them several times in various locations across the barn yard. I am assuming that because the Mom is weaker that the other cats have run her off and she of course took the kittens.

I moved the food into the tack room. But Momma always seemed to be between me and the door. I would move and she would bolt.

I spent most of the day yesterday and a good part of today in the barn and looking in the out buildings. I did also found out that the cat that we thought was the mother (she was pregnant and the little ones appeared about the time that she became, well unpregnant!) Did indeed have a litter. of about five or six – they were all running around so a solid count wasn’t going to happen.

We have the brave one
We have the shy one and the “deer in the headlights” looking one.
Of course Mom taking a head count, in the hay loft which in case you can’t tell is now a storage loft.
Just for grins and giggles let’s toss in the weird Aunt she lives in the barn. I don’t know I seem to relate to her, I wonder why??

I am just sick about the poor black cat. I know it is a farm bla..bla..bla… It just hurts my heart to see the poor Mom trying to save her kittens when she is in such dire need herself. I know that she is scared. Her life has taught her that humans are to be feared. I also know that the other momma kitty is trying to raise her kittens. But I will be out there again tomorrow with my big towel, leather gloves and can of tuna and scissors. Even if I am too late for the Mom maybe I can get the kittens a decent chance.

This is a picture of the two little ones. The one facing is booger. The black mark on his nose. What else would you call him??


Original post:blackcatHelp!! To all of my friends and family. I have a situation. One of our ferrell barn cats has gotten something tangled around the neck – I noticed it today. This cat doesn’t come around to often but what ever it is is cutting into the flesh. HOW CAN I CATCH A FERRELL CAT?? The little kittens are easy they walk right up if you have milk. But this one is older and craftier. I tried the milk no go, cat food – nope. I know it has to be in pain but I don’t know what to do!! HELP!!! in the picture you can see a little of it. At first I thought it was a collar then I saw the ugly red gash. I even thought about trying to slip some Benadryl into some tuna. But I am afraid that I would give it too much and kill the poor thing.

I know that my blog says that I am a “City girl becoming a Country Woman” Which means that I am changing, I hope I never get so caught up in changing that I ignore an animal in need. I can’t even get close enough to see if it is male or female. Thanks to my camera, it didn’t run because I took the picture from across the barn. Even at that you can tell the cat has one eye on me. PLEASE HELP!!

If you have a solution email me at alinemoe@aol.com subject KITTY. Thanks