Real life Tonka Toys

Remember when the back yard dirt pile and a vivid imagination was all it took to build an entire city? The little tractor a good push and boom, the road was instantly made.

Living on the ranch/farm means taking care of the land. Hard work but it keeps us off the streets! There is a tree that has been dead since they bought the place, almost 2 years ago.

The little tractor finally made its’ way back to the farm. It now has new hydraulics, a spiky lifter thing and now the back hoe works. So almost a new tractor. This will be in addition to the big boy tractor.

20170926_165209 (1)

Well, Murphy’s’ law is alive and well right here in Kirk, CO. With all the money put into the reconstruction of the little tractor, the one old hose that was not replaced blew. Really?!? I kid you not. I just hope when the tree does fall it doesn’t take out out the house! Isn’t there some kind of insurance or something that would protect us from Murphy!! Oh, well!

The good side is that being a a rural area, the local co-op has a doom-a-flotchy to make hoses. Sorry that might be just a little to technical for some. It is less than an “OH, SHIT” but more than a “just get duct tape”!  The reason it wasn’t replace was because of the position of the hose. So, all we have to do it get it off the tractor… PLEASE let Murphy be on vacation!!!

Digital Camera
Home of the doom-a-flotchy, magic maker of strange hoses!

Well, at least life isn’t boring. PLEASE someone invite Murphy to your house! Maybe he will give us a rest!