Rights vs Consequences


Wow, facebook seems to be agog for the football season. I will stand for the flag when ever it is presented that is my privilege earned by many many brave men and women. I think that they are little confused between rights and consequences. They have the right to do what they are doing under free speech. But there will be consequences. That is our right. Does anybody remember what year the football strike happened? They exercised their  right to strike… the owners had the right then to hire other players. Rights and consequences are two different things. It isn’t as if the world will stop turning or crash into the sun, it is a GAME!! OK, an industry. but we could all live with out it. If the consequence is that they get fired… maybe they should enlist in the military. now THAT is something worth lighting up FaceBook for!!! from millions for an afternoon’s work to barely enough to live on….

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Make those guys earn AMERICAN dollars. The military could use some of those pampered pretty boys. Sorry, just exercising MY right of free speech. if the CONSEQUENCES are that you have a different opinion… let me know. Exercise your right.




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