Weening Day 1 & 5

Digital Camera

The shadows are long, and the chore list is short(er) than it was this morning.

Digital Camera

Ok unless you are living in a cave or just not reading my blog you might not know that I am trying to “Grow where I send thee!”. So I am trying to be countryfied. This means that a lot of strange stuff is going on. Now this is a tool… yes it is! Can you guess what kind of tool? No it wouldn’t be sold in any adult book shops!

We have several calves that need to be weened. (no more nursing on Mom!) So this device is put in the nose of the calf. Can you see the spiky things?!? Yep they go up. This pokes the mother in a very tender spot. Her udder. She then kicks the calf away. Weening accomplished. I just think that instead of Magi Deal they they should have called it “Udder Destruction!” or maybe “Weapon of Udder Destruction”! I am so funny. Well anyway. I feel sorry for them both. These things have to be done. And Amy has been eating along side her Mom for a while. So maybe it won’t take too long. they say five days. We will see how it progresses.

Digital Camera
Mom not looking real happy.

Can you just imagine the conversation between Mom and Calf?

Mom: “I turn my back to get milked and this is what you do? I raised you better than that! Now take that ridiculous thing out of your nose and get over here for lunch!”

Amy: “But Mom didn’t you see I DIDN’T do it on purpose! They made me!”

Mom: “Peer pressure is no excuse! You should be stronger than that!”

Amy: “But MOM!!”

Mom; “Don’t ‘BUT MOM’ me young lady! OUCH that hurts get away! Until you come to your senses ant get rid of that thing you will have to eat grass. I will not put up with this behavior!”

Amy: “You never believe me! (under her breath) I hope they stick one of these in your nose!”

Mom: “I heard that. You are in a time out! No watching cars and no talking to the bull over the fence! Yes, I saw you last night!”

Digital Camera
The bull will miss Amy…. no talking to the bull through the fence. 

Gee, you would think that I might have had a conversation like that a once or twice (or 20!) with my own family! Anyway when they take it out she should be use to eating for herself.

Maybe I can document the further adventures of Bessie and Amy! Tune in tomorrow same “Cow Time” same “Cow Channel!” Did I forget to mention that Amy was born on the day Adam West died. Just an interesting fact. Peter named her Amy, because you just can’t call a girl “Adam”.

I know you have all been holding your breath to find out how the weening is going! Well, now you can take a big deep breath and catch up on the cow drama of the ranch. 20170927_101307

You know Mom was right! This green stuff is pretty good. Or maybe I am just really hungry! Either way I could get use to this. It may not be mothers milk but it is tasty!

You want me to where? CAN’T it wait until I finish eating? NO? well I guess – which way did you say to go?











I am walking. I don’t see what the big deal is. Mom does this everyday! I am sure I can do it at least once.


Hey I am not going any further – what is that black thing that is flapping. Is it suppose to be there? Mom never told me about that. Get it away!!

What did YOU do?!? I really liked that nose thing. I feel so naked! Don’t let Mom see. She will give me a hard time about it. Can we just leave it in?

Well, not quite the drama going on everywhere else but Amy seems to be getting use to the “green stuff” rather well. This was day 5 so off it came. I think Amy is handling it better than Mamma. Bessie is just baling away. We put them in different areas, they can still see each other.

Funny thing is that with Bessie baling away two of the beef cattle calves got through the electric fence and came down. I guess they were looking for a free meal! but they couldn’t figure a way to get into her area.  Sorry boys!!