I met my friend Anna so long ago I am not sure I could remember a time when we didn’t know her. She and her husband lived at the end of the block and managed a small group of apartments there. Her first husband sold my brothers a car. 1950 Ford – three on the tree! Being teenage boys they puttered on that thing for ever. Her husband was right along with them teaching then what they needed to know and helping.

Anna is having a time lately. She recently lost her second husband to an illness. Her first husband also needed Anna to see him through a disease that ended in his passing. She worked with my Dad at a place called Electron. Not a neat, perfume scented atmosphere. It was dirty, greasy and always smelled of old oil and metal shavings. She worked along side men much younger and she kept up because she needed the insurance. She has two kids, she was always there for anybody who needed her. In my mind she is a saint in disguise. When Dad went in for surgery multiple times Anna and Ivan were there to pray and show that we were never alone. I am writing this because I want Anna to know that she isn’t alone now.

The feeling after someone passes is so very different for everybody. Once the hospital visits are done, not having someplace to be or someone to take care of is a transition. Feeling like an inter-tube with the air let out was what I felt. The funeral was over and everybody had gone back to their lives. Some call it a new normal, I hate that expression.

Anna and Ivan made sure to visit Mom and Dad where ever they were. I remember Mom mentioning once when Anna was apologizing for not being there, because she and Ivan had gone to another friend who was in the hospital. “Anna, you guys need to get some healthier friends!” But that is not Anna’s style. She is there in the tough times and in the good times.

Counting the good deeds that she has done during her life would be like trying to count the grains of sand on a beach.

Anna and Ivan

Anna’s wings might be hidden right now but if anybody needs her they come right out. Her halo will have so many good deeds written in it, they might just have to give her two or three. Anna please know that you are not alone. Sometimes though you need to just sit and take a breath. Just to make sure you are still breathing! You deserve a little down time.