Solar Power Update! At the bottom….

Well, once more I sit down and take pen in hand. Well, how about keyboard on lap? What ever I have new things to write about! The ranch is getting a face lift. How about an up grade? Well, anyway something is going down out here! What is it I can hear you ask. (NO, I don’t actually hear voices!) Let’s just move on shall we? What can be left to add I hear you asking. We already have new horses, new cows (and calves!), new worms (icky!!) and of course the new tractor and new grinder. The little tractor seems to have made it way back here. So what could possibly be missing?

How about electricity? Not a generator, not a potato powered back up (School project that went REALLY wrong!) how about solar panels? Yep, the sun will now shine and the power will make the entire ranch run more efficiently.  What doesn’t get used can be sold to the co-op here. I know that we are retaliative new comers out here, but you should see the amount of traffic our little road has gotten. I am just waiting for someone to come by and ask “What’s up, monkey butt!?!” But so far the only people that are talking are the workers. Did you know that because we are so far out they they actually have to stay in Hotel because it would take at least 3 hours to drive here? I am wondering what they are using for a restroom? Well, it isn’t like any kind of waste would be new. I just wonder.

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All shinny and new! All we now is an inspection from the inspector. And to fill up the ditch!!

One of the guys installing it said it was the biggest one he has installed. The second biggest being somewhere in Boulder (I think!). Did you notice that there seems to be a panel missing on each end? Well, these panels, and everything else came from Germany. One of them was cracked. So they had to even it out. This will now (Hopefully!) run all of the electricity for both houses, the barn (s) and still have enough to store. Are you impressed? I am!!

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Each house gets it’s own box. Because the house that Harvey and I are in was the older all of the out buildings are hooked up to our house. John’s house is newer so he only has to run his house. Confused? Me too! Things that are just a little out of my depth.

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Sunny boy… cute. Sun instead of son. I thought it was cute anyway. I just hope when we stitch it over, we don’t black out half of the state! That will happen as soon as the missing panels are shipped and the inspector signs off on the installation.

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Our happy crew foreman. SunPower is the name of the company. I think he is glad he gets to go home tonight. They had been staying in a hotel in Burlington about 50 miles from here. One guy had to leave his girlfriend called she is pregnant and had to be induced. So his SON comes before SUNPower. I am so funny I crack myself up!!! Well, the dog wasn’t laughing so maybe not that funny!

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They had a hard time digging the ditch. The soil out here is really hard. Like rock! The ditch digging thing they brought just wasn’t up to the hole job!! Whole job get it? Really I need to get out more!!! This is what our field looks like now.

This is what it looked like before… maybe just a little different!


On a September afternoon dark and dreary

I sat and pondered weak and weary

How to use solar power when the solar isn’t powering?

OK, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is solar power. Yes, I know I am stealing from Poe on part of my blog, yes he is probably turning over in his grave. But what the heck. It is dark and dreary and I am weak and weary I have been cleaning all day. NEVER MORE!!

ain’t no sunshine, or solar power, when they are gone!

Still need an inspection, new boxes and some labels…. not sure what kind. But yet another hurtle in the solar powering of the Johnny Moore Ranch!