New animals for the farm!!

Yes, we have new animals (?) on the farm. What are they? Good question. Are they more cows? Nope. How about some pigs (I LOVE bacon!) But no again. How about some nice fancy chickens so we can have eggs? Strike three….. NOPE again.

Now I have to tell you that a mere 5 or six years ago I would never thought I would be raising this kind of animal. Give up?? How about another hint – red wiggler? Ring any bells with that one? Nope! OK, how about fishing? Yeah, the kid in the back row with the fish hook stuck in his thumb… WORMS!!!

Because I am new at this I decided that an experiment is in order. So each bucket has different levels of stuff. Green weeds, or dried weeds and of course POOP and dirt.

Anybody know what worm castings are? How about worm tea? Don’t worry you are not alone in that. I won’t be having any worm tea parties! When I first heard it I thought that you were to grind up the worms and pour hot water over them. So glad I was WRONG on that one!

The castings are what the worm poops after eating all the yummy shit (yes, literally!) tea is what is left of the moisture when the shit degrades. Are you following all of this? Me either but now I have to go tuck the little darlings in. With wet paper on top and a lid with a huge hole in it so they can breathe.

So glad I have THICK gloves. 10 years ago I would never have done this… no matter how thick the gloves!!

If you know how to do this drop me a line. If you just want to know how we come out drop me a line and I will have updates. A lot of them I hope. If I haven’t managed to kill them all!! Would that be wormicide? or just plan compost collapse?? Who knows.

Being the wonderful hostess that I am our new arrivals have been bedded down. With wet paper the way they like it – or so I am told.  OK, they are inside, the down stairs shower seemed to be ideal. 
after a texting session with my cousin Virginia Moe, I decided that the job I was going to wait until later, got moved up to NOW!! Who knew those little buggers can crawl out of the tubs!! Not on my watch! Ungrateful little things! Well, let us see them crawl out of those lids! Yes the lids have fabric over them, so that they can breathe! But if I find any of them outside the shower, they will be in the next batch of compost!