Funnies from the farm


We are very patriotic on the farm. Our salt even comes in Red, White and Blue! Well this one looks a little more pink than red. But I was told it has nothing to do with the flag and everything to do with what is added to the salt.


Salt, salt, salt everywhere and not a Margarita in site!! What is up with THAT!?!?!?


Guess who got a toilet paper tail (teat wipe actually!)? But I am not running up to her and trying to get it off. If it doesn’t come off in the field then I guess she will just have to live with it!!


But it does remind me of a story… you know that was coming didn’t you?

Right after graduating High School I got a job (Well, that implies that I got paid – didn’t!) It was selling encyclopedias door to door. Great gig right?? Not so much. First I hate knocking on doors when you don’t know what, or who will open it! It didn’t last long – Thank Goodness!!. We had to go through “training” which meant that we were all sitting in a room in rows of chairs. The chairs were in rows and I was late in, because – well yes nature called and I answered. Walking into the room I thought I could just grab a chair at the back. well just about everybody had the same idea. So the only seat that was open was about three rows from the back. I slid stealthily into the end chair and prepared to be mesmerized by the lecture that was suppose to give us a solid knowledge of cold knocking. I am opening my note pad and getting ready to take notes. When I feel a hand on my shoulder. The GUY sitting right behind me said “You might want to go back and remove your skirt from your pantyhose.” I was mortified! Jumping up I ran back to the bathroom and indeed I had to pry my skirt out of my pantyhose. I contemplated just leaving and finding another job. I wasn’t that smart. I went back to the room. Trying to make sure that the blush that was creeping up my 17 year old face wasn’t seen by anybody. But the lecturer gave me a thumbs up sign- not sure why. Other than I came back into the room. But like I said it didn’t last long. I moved on to bigger and better work.