New Toy…

Here on the Johnny Moore Ranch Christmas came rather early! Yep, September 7, 2017 at about 1:00 PM. John Deere made an appearance… instead of red and white fur it came in John Deere GREEN!!


The man who dropped it off had a really unusual truck – well I think it was. In order to get the tractor off they just dropped the middle part of a flat bed and drove it right off.

Reversing into position he hooked it back up and was riding off in a cloud of dust.

Wait isn’t it suppose to be Reindeer?!?! Well, with a hardy “Hi HO, JOHN DEERE?!” he was off in a cloud of dust. 


And then the fun began. Move the tractor….



If this lever does this, and this handle does this…what happens if I do both together?? Let  me see if I can pick up a bale of hay?

Alfalfa… your days under the weeds is done! Be prepared for battle!!

OK, bale won that one, but you’ll get them next time! We had been using it so the wrapper wasn’t all that it should have been. Better luck next time. I think Harvey (brother not the storm), was just playing to see what could be done.

That left me as gate monitor. Very important job. Keeping what is out – well out and keeping what is suppose to be in – IN! Guess what I learned? If you are gate monitor and are waiting PATIENTLY for the new tractor and driver to make it through the gate, it doesn’t matter if you have rubber soled shoes on. If your butt touches the electric fence and you LEAN on the metal gate… your butt will be zapped!!  If you notice (I didn’t!) just how close the metal gate and the electric fence is! NO! There will NOT be pictures of my zapped BUTT!!! Just remember that it has enough zap to stop a cow!!

The Alfalfa did make it into the bin. Harvey actually made it OUT of the cab. I think if it had a television in it he would have slept in it. Power steering, A/C, heater, headlights more gadgets than you can shake a stick at and a clutch that works.


That reminds me of a short side story. We were fortunate enough to live behind a family named “Brewers” their Dad decided that he wanted to plant some huge trees in the back yard. Instead of just getting a professional to do it he decided that he and the boys could do it. They had huge holes in the back yard and no fence. We played for hours in the dirt with legos and hot wheels and made an entire city out of one of the holes. Then the trees came. ruined all the fun. But I think that Harvey was enjoying it much the same way as all those years ago. They get older but never seem to grow up!!