Kirk, Colorado is the place to be!!

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The Filling Station in Kirk isn’t open all year and only Tuesdays thru Fridays 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. it is well worth the wait. I had a bacon cheese burger… heavenly. Thick bacon and cheese that was just gooey enough with out being drippy. John had a “Alamo” it looked great and the portions are ample. Not the place for vegans…. John’s order looked like a huge tostada thing and it had just about every kind of meat imaginable. Beef, bacon, cheese and jalapeno peppers. Well, I guess you could call the peppers a vegetable… but surrounded by all that meat I am not sure it would still qualify. Fries and onion rings hold their own with the rest of the menu.


It must be the place to be because there were almost as many people waiting in line as there are people in Kirk!! Kidding but it was popular.


Peter calls it the “unicorn” truck. You don’t always see it but when you do – it’s magical!! The tables and chairs are unique. I remember having a “Wire Spool” table right out of high school. But here it fits right in, rugged, weathered and useful. The people can’t be beat. I am a new comer. Everybody talks to me. One guy was having just a little trouble with is traveling companion. She kept creeping up to his lunch. Waiting for just any morsel that might accidentally fall, no luck. Did I mention his companion was the cutest dog I had seen in a while? I think she must be a blue heeler.

Of course I had to drop off some cards. I am hoping that they will at least be here through harvest time! I wonder if they have ice-cream?!?!