Guess who is making Kefir???

OK, how many people know what Kefir is? If you answered one of the Sutherland family…. WRONG! It is a drink, not as thick as yogurt. but thicker than milk with all sorts of good “Probiotics” yeah, I didn’t know what they were either! But it takes a starter, like sour dough or that “Friendship” cake that made the rounds in the ’80s.

You can make two kinds first is dairy and the second is water. For the vegan population. I wound up with a water starter so I think I will try it first.

I did manage to make some whipped cream… onward to Kefirdom?!?!? So you noticed the color of my whipped cream? Well, several of the things that I read said that you needed to add sugar and in some cases gelatin. What could be more accommodating that a package of Peach Jello??
Well I think I might just experiment a little. Does anybody know what happens if you try brewers yeast with milk? or maybe bread yeast with water. Actually I start my bread by putting sugar in warm water and go from there. I wonder!?!?!? If you see a HUGE explosion in Northeastern Colorado – you will know it didn’t work!


ok, this reminds me of some science experiments Peter and I use to do for his school. Well, the one on the left is the “Water” Kefir and the milky one on the right is the “Milk” with brewers yeast in it. Let the experiment begin…. setting for 12 to 18 hours.