Waitress… not with my temper

Well, there is this thing called Throw Back Thursday on FaceBook. For photos and memories from the past. I don’t have many pictures from back then but stories… I GOT A MILLION OF ‘EM!!!

As you can tell from the clothes and hair this is from ’75 Englewood High School

I read a story on the internet – I know too much time on the net will rot my brain…. too late!! It was about a waitress who tossed out a pizza because the “Frat Boys” were being vulgar. I just hope the management made them pay for the pizza anyway. As you might have guessed – It reminded me of a story!!

We had a class called “City Campus” where social studies, history and some other subjects were taught. One of the focuses of this class was city life, I just had to say that like you wouldn’t have know it from the class name. As part of the class we had to log in so many volunteer hours. The most popular posts for volunteering was Swedish Medical Center. Most popular because it was only about a 5 minute walk from school. Can you imagine letting students WALK off school grounds!?!? It would never happen today. But I digress.

One day I showed up for duty. All of the really choice posts had been assigned. I got the cafeteria/coffee shop (yep, before Starbucks on every corner!). As per usual the hospital was having construction. Which means construction workers. I had on my little candy stripe apron on and was handed a coffee pot. Going around to all the people with coffee cups and refilling them. As I went stealthily from table to table I left the one with the construction worker till last. One of the men looked like he had to weigh in at over 300 lbs and it was all in his tummy. He looked really old too…. probably at least 40. Hey, I was all of 16! As I leaned over the table to fill his co-workers cup (not enough room for me to walk around.) The dirty old man pinched my BUTT!!!

I managed to slip and pour coffee in his lap, his cup and rest of the pot. I know McDonald’s wouldn’t hire me! The manager of the coffee shop ran up with a towel and called the volunteer coordinator. I got off early that day…. just imagine! Guess what else I was NEVER assigned there again, no matter how late I was!

I explained to the coordinator and my teachers, but I got a “Boys will be boys!” type answer. Next duty? Delivering mail, because they felt I wouldn’t come into contact with that many people. Well, they were right but the one I did come into contact with was DEAD!! Yep, morgue got mail too. but that is another story!