Guess what I learned today?!?!?


Yep, I learned how to drive the 4 wheeler. I am really good at it!! Well, I would be if I was a “Jackrabbit”! Yep, smooth not in the vocabulary yet. But I did manage to get it turned around. See those bales in the background? I managed to get around them in a field that is a mere 5 acres. Great turning.

Let me go over what I have learned.

  1. You have to shut it off in Neutral.
  2. gears are shifted by my left foot.
  3. brakes are GOOD!!!
  4. reverse SUCKS!!! (I can’t back up in a car either.)


at least I am not as wide as the 4 wheeler! Looking happy!! Harvey is my camera man. Some of them are a little blurry but it is hard to catch a moving object.


OK, second time around… getting better… nope.


How did you say the brakes worked?? How about I just go until I run out of gas?!?!?