I have veered away from any kind of political… well, let us just call it MUCKRAKING! OK, when my brother and John came back to get me at the doctors they had purchased me what they thought would be an appropriate tool. It is called a muck rake. I have been shoveling…well, muck! Not the political kind but the real stuff.

I thought it would be funny to put it on my blog. So if ANYBODY wants to really MUCKRAKE! Come on out! I have just the tool for you! Notice that the rake is clean… There is enough $H!T on Facebook already.

Did you notice that the shirt has my blog on it?? Couldn’t pass up free advertising!!

P.S. After the photo session, I milked the milk cow. She kicked me in the head. I am not sure if it was politically motivated or blog related!! Well I am now going to put some ice on my head and some food in my stomach. And my body on the bed…. I wonder why my head hurts!?!? Bessie (milk cow) must have voted for the other guy!!

Who knew that such an innocent and lovable face could harbor the “HOOFS OF STEEL”!! I think I will have to stop calling her “Bessie” and call her porter house or T bone!!