Treasure Shed!!

OK, would you believe that I have been almost consumed with curiosity about a shed on the ranch.


Taking my handy dandy pitch fork and shovel, I started digging. Would it be King Tuts Tomb? How about that story on the internet of finding antique cars in an old garage? Better yet the story about the shoe store!! A woman can never have enough shoes!! This and other thoughts were running around in my sweaty brain while I was digging and trying to find at least the bottom of the door! There had been a heavy metal gate wired to the sliding door which made it almost impossible to open. ALMOST. I have a new pair of work gloves.





So I was feeling very – handy!!  after moving some of the weeds. Well, some of them put me on my ASS. Pulling weeds that have been there since the Carter administration! A few of them won… so I had to cut them down. The rest I pulled up trying to get the root and all. Some of the others I think we will keep, and decorate them for Christmas!! They are huge!! Never mind back to the shed.


Some of the weeds were tough but I was tougher (RIGHT!!!) Any way I got the door open. What to my wondering eyes should appear??

Tune in next week for the conclusion of our quest. Just kidding.

King Tut or Geraldo Rivera??? The suspense is killing me!! (and I know what I found)


Yep, nothing. Well, not quite nothing. This shed looked so small from the outside but it was very roomy inside and has a cement floor. Not just dirt. I think at one time or another this must have been the cow birthing barn, before they built the huge one


I don’t know how many of you are Doctor Who fans but this shed reminds me of the Tardis! Looks small from the out side but inside it is bigger.


Well, another dream shot down. AND I didn’t win the 700,000,000 powerball. But the one thing that John is now the proud owner of, besides one dead snake and some bird feathers is….. drum roll please!


A cow birthing stick. Watching TV and spending so much time on the internet is paying off. I know what it is!! Thank you Dr. Pol!!