MOOOOving Day on the Johnny Moore Ranch.

Well, hello ladies!! How YOU doing?

OK, this reminds me of dances in gym class. Girls on one side and guys on the other.

Harvey trying to get on the 4 wheeler and get OUT of the pen. 

When I was told it was moving day I was a little curious. That ALWAYS gets me into trouble.

Everybody made it out in one piece!

The cowboys of today are a hearty bunch. T shirts, shorts and all. Horses have been replaced by 4 wheeler.  Quicker and less hassle than a horse. One other plus is that when this thing “breaks a leg” instead of shooting it you just take it to the co-op and get it pumped up again!

Is she looking? Is 355 looking? OK, make this LOOK good OK? 

Way too much testosterone in one pen.


I said make it LOOK good! Oh, you want to play real rough? I can play that game too!!


OK, you two break it up you are scaring the calves. Come on they are loading that trailer! You don’t want to be in back of 345. He had some bad weeds. His gas is awful!
Damn, too late. I told you guys not to wait. He is right in front. We are all in for a smelly ride!

I don’t know if you notice that I am on the OTHER side of the gates. Some of those bulls look HUGE!! They are headed for branding. Peter and John’s bull got branded also. So now they are all properly registered. Or something like that.


Notice that Harvey (whiteish Cowboy hat) is also on the OTHER side of a gate. Our parents didn’t raise no fools!!