MOONED during the solar eclipse

Sleeping on the job?!?! Nope, just rolling his eyes at his sister….Me.

I don’t know how many of you got to see the solar eclipse today. On a farm I was reminded of the old adage that animals behavior during certain phenomenon can be unusual. Being around animals during the eclipse I can say not only were the animals effected some humans acted pretty strange also!

First of course is my brother Harvey – pictured above. Well, rolling his eyes at me not so strange – but let us start there.

biggest cat box I have ever seen!!

Then we have the horse. I was mucking away in the stall when I looked up and found that not only was there the eclipse but I was being mooned – by a horse!! I felt like the Mom cleaning the bathroom with a kid dancing out side the door yelling “Are you done YET!?!?

Then comes the milking. Bessie, our milk cow, was a little more apprehensive than usual. OK, I could handle that. But right in the middle of milking she kicked the milker off. First time that I have been milking her that it has happened. So naturally we had to re-clean the milker. Let’s just say that where the “claw” and suction cups landed – I wouldn’t want to drink out of it!

Cleaned AGAIN!!!

Now not saying that everybody else was affected but after the kick, cleaning and just general chaos, I got the milker on backward. Picture above demonstrates that even I (the Dairy Queen) – can be affected by celestial happenings!

Guess who got a new pair of work gloves!?!? You got it. Just had to decorate them a little – after all I am a QUEEN!!!

I don’t know how many of you know what a gelding is but it is a horse that can’t reproduce. They have been gelded so that they make better pets and aren’t running after mares. With some of the guys I dated – I should have tried gelding them!! Let’s just say that the hormones are no longer there. But Monty was showing us all of his glory! He even tried to mount peach – the mare!

This morning even before the eclipse started I had asked Harvey to carry out the cat litter bag, It was very full and very heavy – to me any way. When I expressed that the bag was heavy he said “It’s all relative.” I said “YEP, Sister!!” He didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did. Eclipse related or just another day on the farm! Who knows??

Update – after inspecting my skill as a “Super Dooper Pooper Scooper” The horse left me some little gems. I must have done it to her liking!


Nope I didn’t post a picture of her gems…enough poop has been seen here.