Pooper Scooper

Yesterdays dreams or the light to tomorrows possibilities??

How many of you have ever scooped poop!?!?! No, I am not talking the garden variety of dog or cat or even human poop (Kids you gotta love ’em!). Really, well then today’s post will fill you in on what you have missed!!

Barns as you probably all know are rather messy. Well, they can be depending on who is cleaning up after what. So let me fill you in on today’s, well POOP!

I had a couple of helpers just one problem – they didn’t have a clue what the rake and shovel was for. Considering that they were the ones I was cleaning up after I had thought they would be a little more helpful!!


“Candy reporting for POOPER SCOOPER duty, Mam!” Let’s just say the spirit was willing but with out thumbs…

“Can I help?! Can I!?!” front and center “Me too!!! Me too!”

Remember when your kids wanted to help? Before they became teenagers? It was easier to say yes than listen to the endless whining. It doesn’t get any better when they weigh about 800 or 900 lbs! They tried. Actually Candy tried Gypsy decided that if there was no grain in it for her, she just wasn’t interested!


I can tell you that not a lot of poop got scooped, just like with kids, it would have been easier to do it my self with out having a huge horse trying to eat my hair! So after they move out to the pasture for the night, I think me and my pooper scooper rake and shovel will be busy.

Well that is my day. May all of your poop be small!! From Kirk, Colorado!