Evergreen Colorado

I was reminded of a story. Unbelievable isn’t it. I saw a herd of deer walking through Estes Park, Colorado. It reminded me of a day when I went to pick up my son from his Dad’s weekend, in Idaho Springs. It was getting to be fall and we took the long way to see trees turning beautiful colors. On the top of the pass was a little tourist trap, with a restaurants attached. So we stopped for hamburgers and PIE! They have great pie.

While walking through the gift shop to the door, funny how that happened to be just inside the entrance that you have to go thru to get to the restaurant, almost like they planned it that way!! HA! HA! Well, Peter was in cub scouts at that time and had just gotten his pocket knife badge. And wouldn’t you just know it there was a pocket knife display right by the register to the restaurant. I decided to get it for him because he did have his badge and I thought that maybe he might not cut off any fingers, that is what I get for thinking, but that is another story. We continued down to Evergreen they have a little picnic area and it is a nice drive in the fall.

We came around a u bend in the road and saw a huge buck about 8 points. But the car in front of us was being very foolish. They ran up behind him and honked the horn. You could see them laughing but when he turned around and started pawing at the ground they speed off. Thank goodness  We were in a van. I was afraid if I moved too quickly he might decide that one car is as good as any. Peter whipped out his pocket knife and said “I’ll protect you Mom, I can take him with my knife.” Did I mention that the blade was only about 3 inches long…. TSA would have even OK’d it for flight. I am not sure when I could begin to breath again from the laughing but the heard had moved on. About 4 does and of course the buck, And Peter to protect me, who could ask for a better fall adventure.

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