Working Together

This picture has nothing to do with the story – I just like it!!

Working together. Sounds simple right? When I went down to my Aunt Shirley’s birthday party some years ago. I got a lesson. Yep, can you imagine that just when I am positive I know it all…and being modest about it to!!

Working together for family fun.

I was trying to jump in and help where ever I could. But Aunt Shirley’s girls were there doing everything with out even having to say anything. Like “I thought YOU brought the paper!” or “What do you mean I am late?”. I have had both of these and more conversations when working on a project. Aunt Shirley’s girls all 5(?) let me count


1 Linda Oldham

2 Judy Leeton

3 Betty Jean Groner

4 Darlene Bryant

OK, maybe only 4 but they worked together like an army! BTW sorry if I misspelled any names – to me you will all always be Drewrey’s. When they finally found a job that took me out of the kitchen, thank goodness!

burnt something
Another burnt something – getting the theme here?
OK, just so you know I am not a total failure in the kitchen I can bake! Sticky Buns any one?


(see stories of how I have tried to burn down apartments, tried cooking, recipes from the internet etc!) If I can be of NO help what so ever – let me know I am good at it, and for that I have a LOT of experience! When I mentioned the way they worked together to Mom she said “They have a lot of experience working together”.

Working together for another UDDER success!! (I am so funny! I crack my self up!!!)

This point was brought home just lately again. This time Mom’s words rang in my ears for a different reason. My brother Harvey and I seem to have been granted the privilege of milking the cow. The comment was made that “You have this down to an art.” Not sure how much of an art but the way we were raised was “Do the job until it’s done.’ Which usually meant that if you knew something needed to be done, do it. Aunt Shirley’s girls. They had more than a century of experience between all of them. My brothers and I had experiences ranging from raiding the cookie jar to getting the people across the street to let us fly our kites in their yard to making sure that we had music at Dad’s memorial (Thanks Leslie!), or making sure that Mom and Dad’s lawn got mowed (Thank YOU Bryon!)  and even getting things set so that we can milk the cow. You will never have more experience working with anybody than with the members of your own family!

long line of working together!

P.S. Just a cute story. (do I have any other kind?!?!) back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and Christmas cards were actually sent via the mail. Mom got a card from Aunt Shirley and Uncle Chester. While reading down the names that were carefully written out by hand. Mom got a funny look on her face. I saw her go down the list twice. Mom laughed. Now Aunt Shirley had seven kids. When Mom counted she found one had been left off the list – no sure which one now. When Mom talked to Aunt Shirley She asked her about it. “Well, sometimes I just can’t remember my OWN name” Aunt Shirley said Mom assured her that she got HER name in there! It’s a fun family I have – not all the time but life would be boring with out them!