Mushrooms Gross Content Alert!!!


You know it is time to clean out the barn when….

Well, we have had three solid days of rain here in the North Eastern plains of Colorado. Not to make excuses but the horses that made those mushrooms grow are Percheron draft horses. So big horses mean big piles of mushroom fertilizer! Strange how something so black and icky can produce a totally white mushroom. When I started the milking this morning I noticed them. I don’t think they are the magic kind and I KNOW I am not picking them to cook! I have a hard time just trying to cook regular stuff. I can’t imagine these would be eatable at all!!


First thing tomorrow morning these are getting shoveled out to the compost heap. I hope that the compost heap can handle it!

Hey just a fyi – Did you know that not all manure is the same? I didn’t, learning by leaps and bounds out here. If the animal that the manure is from east meat, you can’t use the manure. OK disgusting, I know. Just spreading the wealth of knowledge! And tomorrow spreading the manure!