Walking the carpet…

Bessie the milk cow.

As you see Bessie the milk cow seems calm, cool and collected. You would never guess the diabolical and nefarious plan is making it way through her brain. She looks a little too innocent. Too docile and just a little bit scary. 

Let me set the scene here. Sunday morning, not so bright, not so early. Bessie has the run of the paddocks for her pleasure. Water at her beck and call. Salt for the licking and pasture for her grazing and bathroom pleasures. With that being said let me show you what I found in the milking stall this fine day…. be prepared – it ain’t pretty.

I was here where you? Or maybe just “You are late with breakfast!”

Yes, cow pie. First thing in the morning. I know you think that cows just go where cows go. Let me point out (From a distance) that in order for her to actually place her prize she would have had to back up between the equipment and aim. You may also think that the placement could have been a fluke. But I say NAY! (isn’t that horses?) any way she managed to drop it right where I always sit to milk her. Coincidence? I think NOT! Now comes the truly heinous part. 


 Walking the brown carpet! 

“Coming to you from the brown carpet of this years truly outstanding awards” 

“Yes, this out fit is totally stunning! She lists as her contributors:

hair by: bed head and band

outfit by: Is that a YSL? No it is listed as WWCATT must be a new designer.

Shoes of course by: sloggers

Accessories by: Oh she has two listed here

Shovel: by barn

And cow pie courtesy: Bessie the milk cow.”

“What an outstanding outfit. We will have to check on that designer I haven’t heard of WWCATT before but you know our Dairy Queen is on the cutting edge of fashion!”

“I have it What Was Clean AThe Time. Well, I haven’t’ heard of it but I am sure we will be seeing a lot in the future!” 

OK, just a bit of fun for the beginning of my week. If any of you want to come out and walk any future “brown carpets” with me just let me know!