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I spent the first 58 years of my life thinking that Colorado ended at DIA. The last years (Never mind how many!) I have spent feeling like a fish out of water. Yes, I was born to a farmer on a farm. BORN there. Then before I could even voice an opinion, I was whisked off to the bright lights and big city of Denver. Blissfully going about my business of growing up and growing old, in the same neighborhood. Buying my meat nicely packaged in a plastic wrapper, milk in cartons and veggies, fresh picked from the produce isle! Then along comes fate…. very fickle!! I am living in an apartment in a small rural town, Haxtun, CO. Along with the move came a culture shock. No fast food no all night convenience stores.

What do you think? Diamonds or pearls?

My son decided that living in the Northeastern part of Colorado would be nice. So he and his Father bought a farm/ranch. I trying to help. I decided that living with my son would be a good idea. So here I am in Kirk, Co. Population less than my High School PE class. Go Englewood Pirates!!

I guess God knew that I wouldn’t be able to make the transition all at once from “Big City” to “Country Lane” all in one hop, so he tossed in Haxtun. I no longer hear the sirens, traffic or hustle and bustle of life in the city. I instead hear bird calls (Don’t ask me I don’t know what kind! I am lucky to know they are birds!!) frogs, (I know what they are!) and the occasional coyote. Not sure if it is Wyle E. or not.

I saw a message from Governor Hickenlooper for Colorado Day, Aug 1. I thought of looking up the “Colorado Proud” group. I joined just so that future members will know that NO Colorado doesn’t stop at DIA! Blogging has become my favorite past time along with:

horseback riding… just kidding. The horse would have had a heart attack!!

Learning to ride a horse, maybe in the future.

well, the machine actually milks Bessie. But I HELP!?!?!

Under a cow is the strangest place I have ever had a conversation! And of course Blogging rounds out my current life. Drop me a line if you are also

Logo tagline