It is just a little flirting on line…

I just spoke with a woman on FaceBook. She is setting up her own blog about the experience of older women and older men. She was left in a situation of having to move on just about the time she should have been moving into her golden years. Yep, men are scum, you just have to find one with a scum level you can tolerate. She said that it was an epidemic. I know that women are just as bad as men in that aspect. But for me, my stories just seem to be men. I guess that is self explanatory, date men. Men are the ones that I pay attention to.

People seem to blame the internet. But I know for a fact that this has been going on for a while. They use to call it the “Male Menopause” or “Mid Life Crisis” or just “He just can’t kept it in his pants!”. It was happening long before the internet, before multiple web sites where you can look up ANYBODIES past.

Once I had met a man who would come to town once in a while. He was a salesman for an office supply firm I think. Insert traveling salesman jokes here…. just kidding. But he was always free in the afternoon. I worked nights so catching a matinee movie or having lunch before work was fun. This lasted until his wife called me. Yep, you guessed it he was married.

I received a phone call from a woman who obviously been crying. The words out of her mouth made me feel anything but sympathetic. “Who are you and why is your phone number in my HUSBANDS pocket!?” I don’t have a clue what she was talking about.

Thinking it had to be a wrong number I tried to calm her down a little “I don’t know, who is your husband?” thinking if I could set her mind at ease that I might just discover where her error was.

Well, the error was there. But I was the one who made it. “Bob, he works for (BLEEP)”

Now is when I decided that this phone conversation was at an end. “Well, I am sorry to tell you that he has been coming to Denver and we have been dating.” That word just almost chocked me. I placed the phone back in the cradle While she was screaming at me.

Now I was expecting a call from “Bob” so that we would go to the movies that afternoon. Some of you may ask why I didn’t check him out first. It just never entered my head. Yes, I had a phone number – to his office. I worked nights so calling at night was not really an issue. When he did call a couple of hours later “What do you want to go see?” Was his greeting. “I don’t know why don’t you ask your wife?” His voice became hard to understand. The phone found the cradle for the second time. I never heard back from him. But lesson learned.

I have to say that while my error was in being too trusting, I have stories that really make mine seem small. in the late 70’s I was working with a woman who had just gotten married. She had been seeing this guy for almost a year. She took a long weekend and they went to Vegas to be married. She came back to work and things seemed to be great. BUT, you knew that was coming didn’t you? He went to work one day and just didn’t come back.   Thinking that something terrible had happened she called the police to file a missing person report. She waited and waited. When the police came to her apartment she was sure something really bad had happened. It had, they found her “husband” at home with his WIFE!! Even the wedding ring she had belonged to his wife. He had told his wife the stone was loose and he left it at the jewelers. “She has requested that the ring be returned, Mam” was the last thing she heard before she fainted.

I think that with the internet it has become more prevalent. But not new. Or maybe it is just easier to hear about it now. I have always loved the line “But, honey, she meant nothing to me!” Thinking that was the proper response to having found out your significant other has been dallying in forbidden waters. To me that must mean that I mean even less than nothing to him.