Milking BULL

Digital Camera
This is our milking COW!

One of my friends on Facebook sent me the some information, which of course reminded me of a story, from long ago and far away. I was doing taxes for people and I came across a return that listed a “Short Horned Milking Bull” in the depreciation sheet. I started feeling very smart, being born on a farm. Multiple visits seemed to have given me superior knowledge beyond what the man who owned the bull, company and ran a dairy. I flagged the return and sent it on up the line.

When the call came to go to the office I of course thought it was for a pat on the back, for catching such a blatant error. Well, the call came right before lunch. I was hoping for a lunch meeting. What I got was a lesson in animal husbandry. He tried to keep his face stern but I heard him laughing all the way down the hall. Thank goodness most of the office was at lunch.

Getting above your raisins. It all comes back to haunt me. Well, I guess I am just getting my own karma coming back.  When I told my Dad about it he didn’t even try to hold back his laughter. He did comment “Looks like you need to spend more time on the farm!” That was over 30 some years ago…. It took time but his advise did come true.

Digital Camera
Yeah, you like your job now…Just wait until you hear about the retirement plan!!!

My current teacher of animal husbandry…. I wonder if I can teach him to take out the trash?!? Just kidding.. he has a much more important job!!