Goldilocks of photography.

What did you wake up to this morning? Alarm clock? Snoring spouse? kids bouncing on the bed? Those are all the things that use to wake me also. Well, not the spouse, but you get the idea. Normal ways of waking up. Now I want you to guess how I woke up? Cows mooing? Nope. Tractor grating the rode? Nope. Not even the dog barking at the said tractor.

Below you will find pictures of how I woke up this morning.

Digital Camera
Too Far

I had no idea that they still had crop dusters. So this is yet another lesson learned Remember the line of this post? Goldilocks? Well, That actually makes this the second lesson I learned. First and foremost when awakened from a DEEP sleep make sure the pictures you take are minus the lens cap!! Yep, I got perfect pictures of this plane, that is my story and I am sticking to it!! But the lens cap captured NOTHING!! My expert photography gone to waste!!

Digital Camera
Too soon!!

I know everyone said that shooting a moving animal you have to aim in front of it. Well, guess what? the only thing harder than timing a bullet is timing a photo!!!

Digital Camera

I guess the crop was done… I just need to be more awake. May all of your pictures be JUST RIGHT!!!