Never trust a brother with a camera

I was thinking that I might like to ride. One of the new horses is really mellow. My favorite is Monty.

It was very hot today and I thought it might be nice to go for a ride. Did you notice the past tense in that sentence? Well, once Harvey got Peach saddled I thought “Sure why not?!” The answer to that should have been “Too old to ride!” Me not the horse. Even too HOT to ride, how about “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVING MIND!?” Any one of those would have been a good answer. What WASN’T a good answer was “Sure I can do this!” I use to ride, not well, but I did ride. When I was in my 20’s!! The picture Harvey Moe, took was as close as I got. WOW, what an unflattering angle, never trust a brother with a camera!! But at least the horse escaped having to drag my sorry (AND HUGE!!) ass around. I think I even heard him breathe a sigh of relief!!

Harvey on Peach. Nice picture.

It did seem to be a nice day to get out. The short ride that Harvey did on the horses was just a little bit too much for me.

REALLY!! You couldn’t find a more FLATTERING angle?!?! Notice the tub? I even had to hold onto the fence to climb up on the tub!! That should have been enough of a hint that I had no right to expect that horse to give me a ride.

To all of my animal loving friends, yes I took pity on the horse and this is as close as I got. No animals were injured in the making of this blog!

Wonderful view from horseback. Harvey Moe took this picture. The horse is safe!!