Daily promt – Soil

via Daily Prompt: Soil

Some of you may understand when I say that this is right up my alley and drive way and barn and pastures. You get the point. I am surrounded by soil – mostly. How do you tell soil from the other stuff? OK, SHIT! How do you tell the soil from the shit? Guess what? YOU DON’T! Out here when someone says soil, dirt or just plain shit – it is all the same.

I remember my parents paying for manure for the garden. It was of course fine and composted. It was however still shit and it smelled. Even though my Dad said he didn’t smell a thing. We kids knew and would go to ANY length not to step on the lawn or garden for about a month after the “fertilizer” had been put down. I have to say that while my family was pretty lax on the gender rolls, I took auto mechanics the boys learned the basic cooking. I was grateful that while the manure was placed on the soil, I got to go inside.

I now have manure all over the place. I can’t walk two steps in soil and not hit shit! OK, let me see if I have some pictures of soil…

Digital Camera
Even the roads out here are soil.

I thought I might have a picture or two (most of them actually!) of soil.

Digital Camera
Who would have guess? Another picture of soil. With the dairy cow and calf in there you can bet it has more than just soil. Fertilizer anyone!?
Even this Spring the expecting cows were in a field with Soil and manure. I know, too much information.

I thought it was funny that the new mothers would put their calves on the manure pile to stay warm. I don’t know about you but I grew up with the “Don’t get dirty!” warning given almost every time that Mom had cleaned the house or yard.

I am just imagining the conversation (OK, it’s my blog I can be crazy if I want to!) between calf and Mom. “I don’t want to go over there…It stinks!”

“It is just a little bit of manure, it won’t hurt you. Just go over there and be quiet!”

“But MOM!! 355 is over there and he always kick shit in my face!”

“DON’T use that word. It is manure or soil. If he does it again just kick it back. Now get over there and stay warm!”

“Gee, I never get to have any fun!”

OK, well I think I have milked this post for about as much SOIL, manure or just plain shit as I can. If you like my story please leave a comment and if you didn’t like it keep it to yourself!! Just kidding I want to hear that too.