Hello my 60’s. Savor life.

WOW, what a birthday! My blog set a record (for me anyway) of stories read, I got taken out to dinner at the Burlington Country Club and I got to hear some local music. I can’t believe all the KIDS I graduated from school with are now in their 60’s!! Not to worry Englewood High School Pirates – we make even 60 LOOK GOOD!

As the sun sets on my 50’s, I am on my way to hear local music. Life is GOOD!!
Not so good of a picture, I was trying to show that this guy plays in his bare feet. Viva la Difference
I have a new friend, I can’t remember her name but she is new to the area too. She sang a song for my birthday request – Janis Joplin “Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz!

It is our time to pass on to all of the younger generation the stories that were passed down to us! I know we will encounter rolling eyes, shaking heads and maybe a few giggles. “I remember when we went to the football game and actually had to use a PAY phone to call home!” “We had to carry actual MONEY! Yes, coins too. None of this debit card stuff!” Today’s kids just won’t believe it! Tell them anyway. I never appreciated my grandparents stories until I realized I am now the age of my grand parents!! Funny when you realize that we have been where they are now but they haven’t been where we are. Some how that sounded better in my head. One of my favorite stories (YOU all know I have a FEW of those!) Was when my son was acting like he was paying attention to me as I was describing the very few channels we had to choose from “back in the day”. I said we had only six channels to choose from and two of them were PBS stations. No one watched them unless they had to. The stations all switched off the air.  Remember the Indian head (Sorry, remember the Native American Chief’s head) that was the only thing on? What a concept in this 24/7/365 television world we live in now. I think he took pity on me and knew the only way to get me to stop talking was to give me a pat on the back and say “That’s OK, then you could just pop in a tape or CD.” Wow, he stopped me on that one. It didn’t occur to me that for him that WAS a reality. I just wonder what will be the reality when he is in his 60’s. The tales of ancient times will, I am sure, include internet was so unreliable that they had to have “Hot Spots” on their phones. The preferred method of transportation? An antique thing called a fossil fueled car. Or how about using actual metal keys to start them with? Let us not forget the DEAD SPOTS suffered through on cell phone service!

The future – in the hands or our kids and grand kids. What will it be?