Green Acres 2017


Kirk acres is the place to be

Farm living is the life for he

Land spreading out,

so far and wide

Keep Denver,

just give me that country side.




Denver is where I’d rather stay

I get allergic smelling hay

I just adore a city block view

Darling, I love you,

but give me Englewood.


The Chores

Digital Camera






The Stores!







Kirk Square

 Good Bye Denver life

Kirk Acres, we are there!

I remember watching Green Acres. Laughing about Zsa Zsa Gabor in her diamonds and denim. The song was one that I remember well, isn’t that the reason they have them? However today is not so funny. I remember Arnold the pig being treated like royalty. and the carpenter “Fred” being a woman and everybody laughing. That was then this is now. I am helping my son on his and his Dad’s ranch. Yes, I actually am helping…or at least I think I am. They may not but I have a new-found respect for Ms. Gabor. While not wearing my evening clothes with muck boots, or putting on my diamonds to go to Sam Drucker’s store. I am quite out of my depth. The horses are kind, I think they just like to have me visit – I bring snacks. The way to anybody’s heart – kid or animal is to FEED them.

Peter’s Dad is trying to set Peter up so that he will have a future in farming. While it is a laudable goal, even with me blundering my way through each day. I know Peter is going at it full speed ahead. (Eddie Albert) I am trying to help (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and making quite a mess of it. I am getting use to the rules of a septic tank. The do’s, but mostly the DON’Ts of diesel fueled equipment. Learning that while my family came from the farm, when I was only 1! My knowledge is far from current or even relevant.

My cat can’t figure out why the cats in the barn don’t come in the house. She has no idea what a mouse is and what they are good for (well, on that one I am quite happy. half eaten mice….EEEWWW!) Sorry, my city is showing. She can’t seem to get use to the dog. A black puppy that weighs about 40lbs and is only 4 months old. When he grows into those paws he will be HUGE!! Run, cat run!!

In an effort to set up the ranch as a money-making (can you even use that term?) career for Peter. My brother Harvey, Peter and the man who leases the land for his cattle are going to a distressed cow auction today. They took off about an hour ago. The drive should take about an hour and a half. Peter asked my advise on the book that we got for the sale. Can you say “WHAT?!?!?” But I gave it my best shot. They want to have one bull. I know the difference between a cow and a bull. My knowledge isn’t THAT far out of date. I get a little confused with heifer (Unbreed?) and a cow (breed but not necessarily pregnant now?)

These are beef cattle. (lesson one…more than one type of cow!) they are sold in pairs (lesson two a cow and a calf are a pair). The expert on cows is saying that if they can get some younger cows with a proven birth weight increase (lesson 3 birth small…weining weight BIG) But if they calf too early (lesson 4 – if your cow is pregnant and a snow storm hits the ground so will the calf.) We have a “birthing barn” lesson…. oh, forget it too many lessons. The cow enters the barn (hopefully willingly) to have her calf. the first stall is for the pre labor, the next is the actually birthing stall and this leads to the outside or the “kick them out in the cold” stall with a door. Is your head spinning yet?? Mine is.

I am really glad they didn’t ask me to go along. First of all I think my picks would have been more along the lines of “Pets” NOT a good idea. Being in a truck with 4 guys, pulling a trailer that you soon hope will contain future revenue. Really not a good idea. With my vast knowledge of cattle ranching they would probably come back with 4 or 5 steers!!!

Please follow the continuing adventures of an old city lady on the farm. I think next we will have pigs….bacon anyone???

Just in… breaking news!! Peter and his Dad have purchased a milk cow! She is pregnant (basic bilogy, they only produce milk when they have recently given birth, or are about to.) She should be due in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned to the same bat time and the same same bat channel… nope. Sorry it must be past my bed time! Check in later and see what happens with the milk cow.