My frog friend

Digital Camera
Can you see my frog friend?

I use the same faucet to wash out the automatic milker – yes that is what the bleach is for. There seems to be just one frog that hangs out waiting for either the left over milk or the flies that are attracted to the milk remnants. If you look really hard you can see him. I think it is rather funny that when I go out to the faucet he will turn his back on me but stay just in my sight. Kind of like “if I can’t see you, then you don’t see me!”

Maybe someday I should give him a kiss and see if he turns into a handsome prince? Naw, he would probably turn out to be just another horny toad. My toad kissing days are way behind me!!

Digital Camera
Another angle to look at look hard he is in there. I have to make sure I don’t empty the bleach water in his direction. He has gotten bigger must be all the flies.