The look of gratitude!!

Shopping with men is bad, brothers even worse! Brother’s you gotta love ’em!!

Some of you may know that we have been having a little trouble with Harvey’s drivers license… per the city of Haxtun in Phillips county (where he got the ticket) he didn’t have one.

Harvey and Peter came to move me from Haxtun to Kirk somewhere around the end of December. Harvey got a ticket – no lights on the trailer. Well, anyway we have been dinking around it for MONTHS!! First of all we had to hunt down the original ticket. Found it. Thinking it couldn’t be that much I decided to go ahead and pay it. That was before the bill was presented as $324.00!! It got paid. We were then heading to court for the most current ticket when we ran up against an ice storm… rescheduled the court date. Then we had an issue with a vehicle. Let me tell you that in the small towns in NorthEastern Colorado they don’t have a “Judge” all the time. They have a judge that runs to each of the counties once a month. We are now into March, the court was cancelled due to a meeting of the county commissioners. April, the place we paid the ticket to hadn’t sent the money to Arapahoe county. So the outstanding ticket was still on his record. May, we had to get his “Driving Privilege” reinstated, thank you Leslie! I tried to get an appointment to schedule the driving test…they were 6 weeks out. OK, we have an appointment in Sterling, about 90 miles away. OH, yes we are into June. Harvey had managed to get a “drivers permit” issued when he went in to take the test. You know the test didn’t go well when the examiner comes walking back (in the rain) alone. Yep, the pickup broke down, the clutch peddle came all the way off. No shifting allowed. The instructor told me where he was so I started walking – still raining. Harvey managed to find probably the only person in the world who knew that the clutch was attached to a little button, with out that being pushed the pickup wouldn’t start. The angel of a man attached a duct tape (I don’t know who invented it but THANK YOU!!) type pull button so that the pickup would at least start….we drove all 90 miles home in 3rd gear. We had to stop for a light and of course it died. Pull the duct tape we are running again.

Trying to get an appointment AGAIN when the office said the ONLY person they had was on vacation. REALLY!!!! OK, June back to Yuma’s testing place. “Insurance and registration, please” I think they just put that please in there just to piss people off. AGAIN, insurance paperwork not in the vehicle, went to the local insurance place and got a duplicate printed. Back to the examiner  “I am sorry you are past your appointment time. Please reschedule your appointment.”

All this time Harvey has to drive with someone over 21 in the car. I think that made him even madder. So today, we set off at 9ish for his 10:30 appointment. I saw Harvey and the examiner walk out, plenty of time. I am praying in the lobby that I don’t see the examiner walk back alone. First ray of sunshine – Harvey and the examiner made it back, together! I gave Harvey the questioning – thumbs up or thumbs down. He just shrugged. I guess the examiner wasn’t a big talker. I am sitting on pins and needles. Harvey walks back with a sheet of paper, my heart sank. He smiled and said “I must have passed they told me if my license doesn’t show up by Aug 4, to give them a call!!” Wonderful, Thank you LORD!!

Well, while we were in Yuma I wanted to do some shopping – in the thrift stores. Which is about the only place I can afford to shop on my Social Security money. I went to see if my couch and love seat were there but some other lucky person got it. Now remember all this STUFF that led up to Harvey getting his license? Well, he seemed to have forgotten how much effort we all had put into it. He was standing there looking at me, like he wanted to be any where else but in this thrift shop with me. I noticed that his look came as he was leaning on a bin of bras. My sense of humor popped its head up. “You had better look some where else, you looming over a bin of bras is kinda creepy!”  His humor gene must have been on vacation, at this point he whispered in my ear. “I am going to the car, you have five minutes!” That is gratitude for you!!

Yep that was the look over a bin of bras…. kinda creepy!!