July 4th

When the house in Englewood was sold and I moved. Some of the stuff I found I never even knew we had. I lived there for 50 years but I guess the basement was just full of treasures. One of them was a flag. It was a United States of America flag. It had the blue background, the stripes and something was a little strange about it.

I then counted the stars, 48. No wonder it looked a little strange. It is probably one of the things that is older than I am. I turn 60 on July 15. I was intrigued so I took to the internet. I got a little bit of an education. I know that the last two states were Alaska and Hawaii. I always thought that we must have gotten Hawaii way before 1959. Isn’t that the reason we got involved in WWII? 1941 is the year that sticks in my mind as when we added Hawaii to the flag. Well, I know you find it hard to believe it but I was WRONG!! All those years in school and I never figured out that the reason we went to war was not that they attacked the Hawaiian islands, it was because they bombed the American fleet, that was stationed there at the time. Really,  I was thinking that the flag had to be prior to 1941. Well, I think we need to fire the Social Studies teachers I had all the way through school!! Well, never mind I am sure most of them are way past teaching any more. Did I mention 60 in just a couple of weeks.

Digital Camera
My flag is special. Not just because it is an American Flag. Not just because it is the fourth of July. It is special because it is probably older than I am!! Count the stars…OK just look at the lay out of the stars. My flag has only 48 stars, proving once there are SOME things older than me!