Daily Prompt: Passenger


via Daily Prompt: Passenger

I started a blog. Doesn’t everybody? The worst part? finding people who want to read what I write. I joined another blog. Which I don’t understand, but it gave me a one word prompt to try to start blogging daily. Not sure I am that interesting but here it goes. Today’s prompt as you can probably guess is Passenger.

That reminded me of a story! I have to say it might be a stretch but here it goes.

I worked for a tour company at one time in my life. The ONLY good perk they had? you guessed it travel. A friend and I went on a tour (passenger? get it?). It was England and Ireland. Great places. One rather soft afternoon (they don’t call it rainy, just soft!) the huge bus (passengers on the bus, get it?)  was traveling down the road and we came to a little town.  If you haven’t been to Ireland or England you may not know that the roads there were built to handle foot or horse traffic. It has worked for years and no one seems interested in changing it. No matter what century we are in. Cars might be able to navigate with a little effort, but a bus? We made it about half a block, when the driver noticed a tractor. Not moving, no one in it, just sitting there. Did I mention parking seems to be where ever you want to be at the time. The Tour director Patricia got on the little microphone. “We will be underway in just a minute. Please don’t leave the bus.” She grabbed her little clip board and off she went. We saw her go in to one shop. Then she went into the PUB next to the shop. Her excursion lasted longer than the minute she promised but we waited patiently. Sort of. Then we saw Patricia come out following a man who looked old enough to have MADE the street we were sitting on. He had a cane, the tour director was following him closely with her umbrella. She later told us that she felt like she was herding cats. The little man, I assume he was grumpy about leaving his pint in the pub. was in no hurry. When he got to the cab of the tractor, he used his cane as a kind of make shift ladder – of sorts. He hooked the top of the cane (the hooked part!) on the bottom of the steering wheel. He then proceeded to  put one foot on the step, hoisting himself little by little into the cab. Once there he started the tractor up, yep, keys were in it. And proceeded to BACK down the street. The last we saw of him he was headed back to the pub waving his cane. I am sure he was turning the air blue about the PASSENGERSs on the bus!

OK, now I have blogged – but I don’t know where to post it. If you read it I probably figured it out, if not. It was a fun memory to recall.