Bull NOT Cow!!

As I once more take to the computer to sooth my wounded pride. I have to confess, my eyesight is not what it use to be! I was out preparing the milking station. Once that was  done I was feeling very peppy (Notice the WAS?). I decided I could bring in Bessie by my self, trying to give my brother a day off. I started walking but I still didn’t see a pair (cow and calf – aren’t I SMART!?). Remember when I said my eye sight isn’t what is use to be?

I am walking along a path, and I saw a cow, sort of shape. Walking that way seemed to be the natural thing to do. Trying to watch where I was going because there are cactus out there and one false step (I have had a lot of those!) and I would be in a world of hurt. My walking was progressing, the figure was getting closer. It then struck me that I really couldn’t tell if it was a cow or the bull. See where this is heading?

Well, maybe I could have out run those legs…. NAW!! four against two, not good odds there!

My mind was running back to another story about barbed wire fences. Taking a quick look at the fence I decided that if it was the bull I could probably make it to the fence, all of about 4 feet away before he managed to cross the field. Taking another look at the fence it seemed rather odd. Then I remembered the conversation between my brother and the man who rents the fields off and on. They had been talking about a generator for the ELECTRIC fence. Looking again it seemed that the poles had rubber between the post and the wire. SHIT!!! The fence was electric. I would get a lot worse than a scare on my head (previous story – barbed wire) if I tried to climb thru that fence. I decided that maybe this little hike across the field was at best  – ill conceived and at worse just plain STUPID! Trying not to draw attention to my self I turned around and headed back to the barn. Wondering how fast I can walk on two legs, trying to keep ahead of the four legs. The math was not promising.

See that BEAUTIFUL little bell? I have to admit that when they decided to put it on her, I thought it was just plain silly. Not so much now.

Then I heard the MOST beautiful sound. A tinkling bell. Not a loud church bell sound. Just a little tinkle. As BESSIE tried to swat some flies. Her bell around her neck made an awesome sound. Hearing – OK, Eyesight – not so much! I finished my walk out to get her. Once I got closer I could see Amy laying in the grass. I guess fear is all in the mind. Well, how about just a healthy respect for the bull?!?

Speaking of healthy, does anybody know the calorie count of bugs? On my rapid retreat, I managed to swallow a couple! Note to self… next time ASK which field Bessie and Amy are in. Just sayin’