I must be a queen…it says so on my pantyhose!!


A couple of pictures from “back in the day!”

Make-up? Check!

HUGE hair (the bigger the hair the smaller the hips look!!) check!

Acrylic nails? Check!! (re-based every week!)

Having fun? Check!

Some of the people I know will find it amazing as I do that I am now on a farm and milking a cow, OK, the automatic milker actually does the milking. But I have to hook it up and then I get the wondrous job of finding jars, jugs, baggies etc. to put the stuff in. We now have about a months supply of raw milk in the freezer. Did you know you could freeze raw milk? I guess any milk really. The taste seems a little odd. Kind of tastes like hay, gee I wonder why? I have had a few friends say that they would pay to see me under a cow. Well, my brother Harvey thought that was funny. So I guess it is payback time. I have a picture of him under the cow.

Harvey under the cow, and under the squeeze shoot. Isn’t he just soooo happy?

I asked him to take a picture of me with the cow, thinking that he would give me a little time to get prepared. I should have known better.

I am the one in the blue… just in case you couldn’t tell!
I thought of calling my self “Moe the milk maid” as my son Peter pointed out I am just “a little” past my sell by date for a maiden. OK, well then there was Chris the Cows keeper? Naw, that just doesn’t roll off the tongue. How about the Milk Mama? Now that is actually the cow, Bessie. She is the one not wearing blue. Peter’s suggestion? The DAIRY QUEEN!! I LIKE it!! (no blizzards were harmed in the course of this decision!) My friend Sue even gave me a sign that said it, so it must be true!! Thanks Sue!!

So lets go thru that check list once again, shall we?

Hair? Gray and straight.

Makeup? Not unless you count the iodine that I use for the cow, oh let us not forget the udder butter!

Acrylic nails? I told my son once “I use to have beautiful hands, now I have useful hands.”

Having fun… ALWAYS!!