LOOK TWICE! Save a life


This is for my friend Kim Tompkins and any body else out that that enjoys a good ride. I found this little gem in a town called Cope, Colorado. I tried to get the sign that has the saying “Look TWICE, save a life” but the sun was not on my side. This is a sculpture next to the town square… or actually it is more like a town triangle. But anyway this is built of farm equipment parts. I am trying to find out who built it and why but for now I will just say that it serves as a wonderful reminder of taking just one more instant to save somebody’s whole future.

OH, guess what else I saw in the town triangle?? You will never guess in a million years what I found. OK, you might guess if you look below.


Can you believe they still have this? OK, now Superman has a changing room, but he will have to visit Cope, Colorado! Some of the windows are broken but for an old lady “Ma Bell!” she looks pretty good.


I was thinking that it was just an abandoned phone both. But when I looked in side… yep phone still there. Next question does it still work. Well, I can’t get a picture of the dial tone but it was there. So if you ever find your self with no juice to your cell and stranded in the middle of nowhere – or Cope Colorado. Just whip out your debit card…. nope wrong. Whip out your change and make that call!! I heard a dial tone but due to my lack of change I didn’t get to call my cell, to find out the number of the phone. Just think if you heard it ringing in the middle of the night… WOULD YOU ANSWER IT? Might just be Superman asking for directions to his changing room!