Yes, Virginia there is a FARM!!!

I am having a hard time trying to connect my “AdSense” account onto my blog. I am trying to keep my mind occupied. Peter Moe moved back to the Denver area yesterday, so I am pretty sad. While sitting here trying for the millionth time to connect my accounts. My cousin Virginia messaged me. She, unlike me grew up on a farm and headed into the city. Her message was quite simple but rather well timed, Her simple message? “How is farm life treating you?”
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Well, Virginia Moe, it is treating me rather mixed at the moment. But I have come to one conclusion. When we are born, God wants us to learn certain lessons before we can grow and pass on. I think that the lesson here is humility. If you don’t learn it when you are younger you have to learn it when you are older. My life up to now…not so humble. So yes, I am learning that conversations under cows, while bleaching a milk separator,(I remember your Mom doing that!), or just walking to do chores is valuable. 
Digital Camera
Now sometimes I have those conversations to myself! But it still applies, the cows, dogs, pheasants and rabbits don’t seem to want to talk to me so I talk to myself.
I don’t know what to do with all the milk – but right now I don’t care. I am becoming more humble, when the cow steps on me, when I have to lay down in the cow shit to get the milker hooked up, and yes even when I am talking (to typing!) to myself.