Milking Team

Day 1 06/12/2017

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Milking team day 1 – don’t they look happy!?!?!
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OK, see the shinny new automatic milking machine in the lower right side…
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OK, now see the bucket placed under the udder, stealthily held by my wonderful Son Peter Moe! He had to hold it the cow kept kicking (Now we know why she was for sale!). The hobbles we had didn’t work, not sure if they were even all there.  It seems the cow was the only one who knew what to do!
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Yes, Bessie got her breakfast, while we tried to figure out the automatic milker.
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You have to know my son loves me, no matter what was happening and no matter what the time he got me my coffee. Love that kid!!
OK, It doesn’t look like much this way but it was hard earned!
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Let me introduce another member of the Milking Team Day 1 – she looks like she is waiting for something? I wonder what it could be?

Milking Team day 2 6/13/2017

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Well, the milking team just has to include Amy (Amy West, because it would be ridiculous to name a girl Adam West, Right?) . Amy is getting Mom already for the milking team!
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We have Peter and his Dad, John Moore,  joining the milking team today.
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Some of the team members are getting restless. They want to get to the milking! Unfortunately the automatic milker seems to be on the fritz, we will not be detoured! Bessie will be milked!
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Another of the Milking Team seems to be Benjamin, Peter’s dog. I don’t know what Harvey stepped in but the dog WANTS it! OK, I do know what he stepped in but I just can’t think about the dog eating it!!
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Showing off my “Farmers Tan”, most people call my kind of arms “Bat wings”. I got them from my Grandma Moe she could hug you and slap you all the way across the room with those arms! I think I have graduated to Pterodactyl Wings!!

Milking Team day 3 6/14/2017

We once again gathered for the sole purpose of milking Bessie. However I for got my camera, so lets just say – it didn’t go according to plan. Hand milking…gets old real quick.

I am determined that I will find out what went wrong with the milker. Having the directions translated from Chinese to English and sketches that look like a 2 year old drew them, will not detour us!! We are the MILKING TEAM!

After oiling the piston, we still had no pressure, well not enough to have the suction cups stay and pull any kind of milk from a very uncomfortable Mama cow. We found that one LITTLE tiny sketch mentioned that the three way non returning valve was suppose to have a ball bearing. We however didn’t have any such thing. We took a little bolt and screw combo and placed it in the valve, WE HAD PRESSURE!!! DID you see that, I actually sound like I know what I am talking about, don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head!

Just about 2 hours after the monumental discovery of what was wrong, Peter’s Dad came knocking at the back door. – Yep you guessed it he found a spare ball bearing in the box.

Milking Team day 4 6/15/2017

After making a trip into Denver and returning we (Harvey and I) Set about releasing Bessie’s udder pressure.

This is my brother Harvey, doesn’t he look happy!? Well, I have to say that he was just a BIT irritated at my taking his picture. Well, any picture really.
OK, I don’t know how many of you know me well, or even at all but I can tell you that this is NOT my normal perspective. Why yes I am under the cow, in front of those strong legs and hoofs!
EVERYBODY Stand up and yell HURRAY!!!  Can you see that white liquid?

Come and listen to my story about a woman named Chris
A poor city girl, barely kept her family fed,
And then one day she was under a cow hoping for some food,
And up through the hose come a bubblin MOOOOOO.

Milk that is, White gold, Colorado tea.

Well the first thing you know ol Chris’s a Country Girl,
The kinfolk said “Chris move away from there”
Said “Denver is the place you ought to be”
So she dug in her heels and said “Not from the view I see!”

Plains, that is. fields of grain and friendly folk!
The Kirk Country Girl!!

OK, enough singing, even the cat went and hid. More milk and yes everybody that is exactly wheat you think it is. Cow Pie.

Tune in tomorrow, same bat time same bat station! ’nuff said.

Milking Team Day 6

OK, well we had a bit of a scare today. As many of you may know, cows and calfs stay pretty close to one another. Well, today being Sunday we were a little late in getting to the milking. Harvey went on the ATV and found Bessie (Mom). But Amy was no where to be seen. Bessie begrudgingly started moving toward the barn. When she decided that was the way to the milking stand (and OATS) she just moseyed toward the stand with very little urging. Thinking that when we got her milked we would find Amy wondering around wondering what happened to dinner. Milking accomplished (we are getting better!! this time it only took 2 swear words and a kick to the milking can, OH, and me getting off the pressure hose!) We waited for Amy to come in, and we waited, and did I mention WAITED?!?!? But no calf. Mom just hung around in the gated area, not really doing anything. Harvey and Peter scoured the field in a grid type search. NOTHING. We are thinking by this point that something got her, we have WILD animals out here coyote and some pretty vicious pheasant! Just kidding but we do have coyote. She is only 1 week old. So we knew that she couldn’t be away from Mom long. Well, they decided to let Bessie out and follow her. It took a while but here come Amy – looking like nothing had happened. She nuzzled right up and got dinner. REALLY?!?! I guess I should be glad that she wasn’t eaten or anything like that but I think we will have to put a bell on her AND MOM.