Too Many 2

OK, I am having a pretty weird time lately. I don’t know if anybody remembers when I ordered some lenses for my latest toy, my camera. I got the first set then I got a second set, when I emailed to ask if they wanted me to send it back they said “No, no problem!” after that email I received yet another set of lenses. I was afraid if I emailed again, I would be hip deep in lens packages, so I just said “OK, no problem”

too many

Well, I order some of my staple groceries from Walmart because 1) they deliver and 2) they are usually cheaper. Not proud of this, for years I refused to shop Walmart or Sam’s. They bought out Pace Membership Warehouse and I was out of a job. But living here I have to take what I can get! So I order from Walmart once a month and Fedex delivers. This month I found a box had been delivered to me that was leaking something. Butterscotch syrup to be precise. All over the other items in the box. I called because out here bugs are a very real problem. I wan’t going to put anything in the cupboard that was sticky!! I called and talked to 3 different people. Finally I got someone who had gotten a report from Fedex about the “goo box”. They said they would send a replacement right away. Great! Thinking that I should return the package, I asked for a return label. The voice on the other end of the phone said “Why? we don’t want it back!” almost as if I had offered to send them cow manure.

Later when I checked my Walmart account to see if they were really shipping me a new box, I received a bit of a shock. The “goo box” was box 2 of 7 (yep, once a month remember?) so when I pulled up the order I found that while the box was 2 of 7 was the one I needed they had cancelled the entire order. So they resent me all 7 boxes again. Learning from my mistakes, see first story of Too Many.  I now have enough Gatorade for a pro football team, enough cereal to make Wheaties jealous and cat food coming out my ears! Not complaining but the cat food for the outdoor cats (barn cats) has started to overflow the bin. I guess this is what you call an embarrassment of riches. I know God moves in mysterious ways but next month when I move I will just take the already packed up boxes with me! Thank You Lord!!