Kiss my GRIT’s

Did you know that they still brand cattle? I didn’t. Did you know that in Colorado, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming and I think Kansas you can still be hung for stealing a cow or a horse? Is that country enough for your magazine!!! 

I was told a while back that my blog doesn’t fit the country life style that is supposed to be uppermost in one publication. (anybody want to guess which one?) Anyway I am not being mean (well maybe a little) or vindictive (OK, maybe just a little!) I have some pictures I would like to share and please keep in mind this are not “country enough”!


Those of you who don’t know this is my LONG suffering brother Harvey, the look? I asked if he could drive down to the store. Looks like he might have been just a little bit busy!!! He had been out counting the cows and calf’s, to make sure no more were born rolling down hill!!

OK, short story on that one. I know I don’t have any SHORT stories. Three of the guys were out trying to sort the pairs. Once batch had been born at least a week ago. One group had been born with in a week and the third just hadn’t had their’s yet. As gates were flying and Mom’s were frantically looking for THEIR calf and the sorting was well underway. Just as sometimes happens in the country the worst possible time for a Mom to start labor, she will and she did. You could tell she was in labor because you could see the contractions – gross but still. She was just munching away on the grass, yep on a hill. The men decided that they had enough time to get the sorting done and still catch the calf on its way out. Mother nature doesn’t pay much attention to the plans of men.

The while the Mom’s and the calf’s were still sorting themselves out. Down the hill came a NEW BORN calf – looking around like he (Yes a bull) just dropped from an airplane! He still had the sack attached to him, his head was spinning and he was trying to decide which way was up, and whan happened to the nice warm place he was in just a few seconds ago!

By this time Mom decided that she had better see to him. He smelled like her so he must be hers. She side-stepped her way down the hill and started licking on him. He was shaking and trying to stand up (which ever way that was!) With Mom’s constant licking and him getting dryer he seemed to be a little less lost and a little more steady on his four legs!