MOM… ’nuff said.

momfunneralMom always had all the answers (or at least we thought she did) and even when we didn’t do things like she would have she was always there to pick up the pieces and usher us on to our next experience. Good or bad…Mom always knew we would need her once again. Even when, or maybe especially when we said we would NEVER turn out like her! I would gladly admit that if I could be just half of the Mom she was I can die happy.

With Mother’s Day coming up once again (amazing how that happens isn’t it!?) I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around that Mom just isn’t here anymore. It will be 4 years this August. I still talk to her, her answers do not come like they use to but come they do. When I was trying to figure out what to do when the house on south Fox needed to be sold, I was frantic. She sent me a web site that I could apply for low-income housing. Dad had his hand in that one too. My brother Harvey and I were going to a family reunion for my Uncle Donnie (Dad’s brother) and Aunt Edith’s Anniversary. I saw a sign on the highway saying “Sterling – Haxtun” When I went to the web site they had a listing for Haxtun. Answers still there but, much like my parents, in a way that has to be pondered and sometimes disbelieved. On the last – somethings they just keep coming at you until you give in and acknowledge that the answer was there.

I wonder what will happen when I pass. My son is 23, so he is still young enough to be sure that I will always be here. After all for his life I have always been there. I just hope when I go that he will understand that it isn’t a choice made by me. I guess that is one of the million and one things I didn’t understand…and I was 56!!

So to all who still have a mother that you can hug…do so. Do it with a hug that will last the ages. You never know when it will have to last that long!