Driving Ms. Aline…

A wise cracking comedian once said

Nice country lane… not lost. I live at the big silver barn on the right. Keep walking. Turn Left ooops turn right. No wonder I get lost!

meatprocessing (2)
Turn left at the meat processing building. Yes, I know what it is. If I had to harvest my own meat I would be a vegetarian. So processing it will stay in my mind.

Nice I am not sure how many people get lost. Ok this is the age of GPS, cell phones, tracking by smell all most. Being of the older generation (I will deny it of course!) seems to be the exception instead of the rule, now a days. So it is probably better for me to have some one drive me. I don’t have a car. I have a long history of getting lost. Generations of it actually. One of the family tales is that Great-Great-Great something came out from Iowa (?!?) and started a farm. when he thought he could go back and get the rest of the family he did so. In an attempt to make sure he didn’t get lost (Told you LONG LINE of losters (is that even a word?!) He decided to take a shovel and dig holes every so often so he could make sure he made it back to his farm. Long line. My imagination runs a little wild sometimes. Can you imagine maybe another farmer or maybe a native american, following him and filling in the holes? Sorry warped sense of humor. He made it back via the holes in the ground.

I don’t see me as the hole digging type so I was hoping for some other landmarks to aid in my return.

A street sign!! Really? Cute but not much use. Passing the “road sign” headed – I think North? Yep, passed that before. Going good!!

I can’t even imagine getting lost out here…. “Help me Peter I am lost!!” “Where are you?” “really?!?! I just told you I was lost!” “look around and what do you see?” Fields, fields and more fields… not a conversation I want to have AGAIN!!  I remember that my Grandma Shurtz never learned to drive. She said it was grandpa’s job to take her. Nice thinking for the 30’s or 40’s not really accepted now. Besides I don’t have a husband… That is one really lousy reason to get married! So I depend on my brother, my Son, and walking.

Major land mark… baseball field. If you build it they will come… and hopefully drive me back home!!!
But not today!! I sat here for a while thinking that if I just retrace my steps I should be fine. If I got lots I would have the phone… handy!

I was trying to get some pictures of Kirk, and thinking that if I stayed on the road that I knew I wouldn’t get lost. Which actually worked out well.