Horseing Around


I heard these two horses talking. Yes, I was sober (ish) anyway that is my story and I am sticking to it!!

The first horse said “I really feel sorry for these people.” She signed a heavy sigh.

The second horse said “Why? We do all of the work, They get to ride and we have to do what they tell us when they tell us.”

First horse again “They feed us and make sure that we have all the water and feed that we eat. they brush us. That feels good after all winter having that hairy coat.”

Second horse”OK, I might just feel a little sorry for them. But why?”

“There is a thief at their house!” The first horse said sadly shaking his head.

“Thief?! Really? How do you know?!?” Second horse sounding like it was just an impossibility. “I over heard them talking. They said ‘I keep loosing my right sock!’ The second human said how do you know it is only the right socks?!”

The second horse shook her head in complete agreement. ” They can’t know it is just the right sock! That is impossible to know.”

The first horse paused, took a big deep breath. Before carrying on his conversation with his confused friend. “Well, when you put them both in the dryer, it is the sock that is left!” Horse one laughs and horse two just groans. Just like when you heard the punch line of my joke!!


We have more friends on the property! Two new horses are being unloaded as we speak. Pictures will follow as soon as I get the battery charged. It reminds me of a story… I was watching a TV show about horses. The lady was offering her opinion  on some horse stock. The unwitting buyer was a man with little or no horse sense. The blood line was good, but she noticed the name of the horse as “Easy Win” The man thinking that this was an auspicious omen. Was very eager to purchase what he thought would be a great start to his racing horse dreams. The woman being rather more astute told him not to purchase the animal, although he was a bit down he trusted her judgement. After they left he asked her “Why not?” Giving him a rather pitiful look. “One thing you might want to learn is that horse owners are rather a perverse bunch. If you ever run into a horse named ‘cant get out of the gate’ Buy him in a minute!” He got the idea.

Be happy, be healthy, be loved!!