Today’s deliveries…

I know you thought we were going to have babies today, so did I. We had a few not as many as they expected but the one that stood out was our little “BULL” he is HUGE as far as calfs go. Harvey said he looked more like a buffalo than a bovine. I wonder where his Momma has been? She delivered in the hay and didn’t need any help. The barn has been used for a couple but they all seem to be doing fine.

I have to say that the one thing that sticks in my mind is “DONT get between a Momma cow and a calf” So with that little gem of knowledge you might just see the shadow on the ground…yep, you guessed it I am standing on the OUTSIDE of the pasture. No threat to Momma or baby. I tried to get them to name him, Patrick. You can guess what they told me? You got it “You don’t name farm animals. They are NOT pets.”  Probably better that way anyway. I could never look at another steak in the eye again…rib eye that is!! I did manage to wait until Mom discarded her yucky stuff. I didn’t think that appropriate to post on here. Basically, because it is a whole nother side of farm life. Still haven’t gotten used to it.
And here we have the ladies in waiting. Still looks like more than 3/4 of them haven’t birthed yet. My Dad always said if the weather turns cold and you get a blizzard your calfs and the snow will hit the ground at the same time. That might be a problem. We aren’t due for at least a week and some these ladies look like they could pop any minute!
Well, I can tell you that the horses are getting a break during this calving season. The ATV is much faster and can chase the cow (Seems dang unsporting to chase a pregnant ANYTHING!) and get her where she needs to be for either help or if the little one is in trouble the back of an ATV is much more comfortable than across the saddle of a horse!