Chris’s Chicken Catastrophe?

OK, family and friends on Facebook. While some of you may know how laughable this is – I am soon to be the proud (?!?!) keeper of chickens. I need information…a lot of information. How many should I start with? Are brown eggs or white eggs better? If I hatch the eggs – do they need a brooder house before a chicken coop? how do I keep them from drowning in their own water? Is the food you feed chicks different from what you give chickens? I know a pullet is a chicken that is less than a year (?!) old? Any help could save a chicken life…or maybe mine!! I really regret not spending more time on the farm…. well, maybe regret… Oh forget it I guess I will never learn any younger! Please give advice – good bad or otherwise!! Your friend in the chicken coop!!!
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 I placed the above article on my facebook page and it is amazing the responses I have gotten. Several people have raised chickens and have advice that may be worthwhile. The first hurdle will be to see if the chicken coop already on the property is worth fixing or if I should get one that is new and built to suit. Seems like cheating to me but the one here is well, let’s just say in need of TLC.
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I don’t see anything looking back at me so it has to be OK, RIGHT?!!
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If I don’t come back out in about a week, send in a search party!! With VODKA!!!
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Anybody need a tractor tire?? Nope, me either!
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Over there! Over there! We won’t come back until it’s over over there!! Just kidding I don’t know what brought that to mind other than the fact
it might just take an army to clear out this coop!!
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Do not adjust your set … you have just entered the mint green bathroom zone!! We didn’t want to be prejudiced so yep we have a totally white one too!!
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Where is Antique road show when you need them???
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I don’t know what it WAS but it doesn’t look like it will be much  help clearing out the rest of this stuff. Yes, that is my FASHIONABLE sequined shoe. Thanks for the shoes SUE!!!
Ok, it’s time to vote which would you rather have if you were a chicken?? The above-mentioned shack with heaven only knows what living in it now or this delightful easy to assemble and looking like I might just like to live in there!
Just kidding I know that it will be work but I think the chickens will be happier in the old one…as soon as I can muster enough courage to get back in there. Anybody want to help?!?!?