My little piece of heaven…

Image may contain: sky, twilight, cloud, outdoor and natureImage may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature


I have always loved the time of day referred to as “Dusk” or Twilight or even just before dark.

The time when the shadows are long and the chore list is short. The work of the day is done and the beauty of nature is bathed in a light that is like no other time of day.

It seems magical in the intensity of light and dark. The dark wins this evening, tomorrow the sun will once again shine. The dawn will bring a similar battle but then the sun will win, just long enough to get the work done.

Enjoy the beauty that is everywhere and nowhere. Horses, cows, cats and dogs all ready themselves for the night. They seem to know that the dawn will come once again. The trees with their branches waiting for Spring. I guess I am waiting too. To see the wonder that will come from the rebirth of the land.