Wal Mart

With most of the country is agog with political strife and stories about who didn’t stand for the flag and who said what and what they REALLY meant when they said it. I want to share a story of little consequence and something that has no pictures attached and will never make the evening news or even a share or quote on Facebook or any part of the Internet. I just saw a tirade about someone who said they will still practice good manners. Keeping God in our country, letting the elderly go first, looking to see if someone needs the seat more than you WANT it.

I have just a little story to share. I was in Wal-Mart (OK, just don’t spread that around let us say Neman Marcus – OH screw it I was in Wal-Mart so sue me!!) but I was in line when a lady asked if she could go in front of me I had a huge basket of things and she only had a few and her husband was ill and needed to go home. I said sure – go on ahead. I have more time than I have money or at least I hope I do. When she asked me something that stopped me in my tracks. She said “You are a good Christian woman. Would you pray for my husband?” I know that she meant for me to say my regular prayers and include her husband but I felt so moved that I asked her husband who had had to take a seat if I could pray with him so while the cashier looked on and totaled her few items we three stood there holding hands and praying to God. We prayed out loud that this man be held in the love and the light of Jesus Christ our savior. No pictures were taken, no flags where flown, the internet wasn’t set ablaze. Just three people holding hands and praying for health for a man in need. Now I don’t expect this little note to change the world or even get read out side of my family. But I just pray that all of you meet someone willing to hold your hand and pray out loud in a public place. I don’t know their names I don’t even know what the illness was but I know that he and his wife felt better that someone cared enough to pray in public with and for them. Now athletes can stand for the flag or not – many have fought and died for their right to do so. But I would like to ask them how many of them have the guts to ask someone to hold their hand and pray for them?