About Me




What a difference a day makes.

If you are reading this first I would like to say thank you. And second I will say that I am shocked. I am not the most interesting person, but I find humor in just about anything. A trait that got me into a lot of trouble in my formative years. I like to call it my misspent youth but it lasted well into my 30’s. But I am a transplant – not body parts but location. While being born in South Dakota, Mitchell to be precise. We left there just 1 day before I turned one. Lets fast forward thru my life in Englewood, CO. I am a single mother who lived with my parents and son. Then life happened. I found that I needed to find a place that would fit a budget of a Social Security Disability. Because Mom and Dad took out a reverse mortgage.  Mostly for medical reasons. Yes, I know Dr. Phil would be appalled.

I found Haxtun, CO. The only time I had ever even heard of it was when my brother and I were on our way to a family reunion. So applications were made and accepted into the sleepy hamlet of Haxtun pop 989. Stories to follow. Then my son, Peter and his Dad, decided that buying a ranch in Kirk would be a good investment. So then I moved to a community smaller than Haxtun. 57 to be precise….ooops no I make 58. So I am planted here. The community is nice and being with Peter is wonderful. Except I am a city girl. I think that God must have known that I couldn’t make the transition from Englewood, CO to Kirk Colorado. So he let me get a little more use to the small town live by putting me in Haxtun for a little over a year.

I might just mention that during the 80’s and some of the 90’s I was a party girl. We use to call it “Looking so good and dancing so fine” which usually meant drunk and couldn’t stand up!! But that was then this is now. So moving to a place with NO BAR but they had FIVE churches. I guess it evens out eventually. So I have written some stories about Haxtun, really not my favorite place, even though some of the people I will miss. So with computer in hand… well really a lap – along with the cat. The humor is mostly just laughing at my self and my family. I like to say we put the “fun” in dysfunctional. But what family wouldn’t? so come along for some stories, some laughter and maybe a lesson or 2 along the way. After all we must learn from other peoples mistakes – we would never live long enough to make them all on our own. Thanks for reading and if you didn’t make it this far that is ok. Just pop back every once in a while to see what I am up to……. KIRK watch out.