Everybody wants them, but not everyone should have one. Lets explore the true facts about a pet. Most know that owning a pet is very much a commitment – but do they really understand that the pet is after all a long range undertaking. Not just because Judy wants a pet, her family should go over some basic understandings.
1) first and foremost your pet will require a time commitment that a younger member may not understand. Which leaves Mom taking care of the pet.
2) pets must be socialized with other pets. This can mean taking them to the park or just getting another pet to help ease those long lonely times when we don’t feel like catering to the pets every wish.
3) that leads us to another of the issues of pets. if you get one of each sex (yes, Judy they might and you might have to have a talk with your mother about that – sorry it is a topic not covered in this story!)  If you have more than one, one of each sex, they might just multiply.  
If they do multiply we must react correctly. When you notice that the female of your pets begins to show signs like getting a little grumpy, when trips to urinate become more frequent and lastly when the female pet starts asking “Do these pants make me look fat.” You may notice that the female is more demanding of affections. So it is the owners job to make sure that she is well cared for. More time purring, more cleaning (we don’t want a dirty offspring) and it cant hurt to make sure you climb up on the new increasing belly which she will of course have. This is a way of conveying that no matter how HUGE she gets, you will love her all the same.
About this time you may notice that the male is getting a little stressed. Make sure the extra affections include him. Walking between his legs and generally making sure he knows that you still love him too. Then comes the really tough part. When the female is ready to deliver another pet.  She will start by demanding that the male be on call at anytime.
For some strange reason pets require help giving birth. We all know that owners can do at least 4 to 5 offspring at once. But pets only deliver 1 or maybe 2 at a time. Not very practical from my point of view. But that is another area when you need to give your pets some much needed advise. As everybody knows when your pets come back with the extra pet. DON’T act like anything big has happened. If they forget to give you your much needed time, food or water, gently remind them by nudging the leg or stretch out on their leg , No CLAWS, ok if it is the second reminder maybe just one or two claws. If these subtle hints don’t get the attention, we must move to more desperate measures. When the house is full of your pets’ family just saunter over make sure you pose it just right so that your cat litter isn’t the only place that you may use.
Make sure that the offending pet is taken to task. This should gain immediate results. If you are on really good basis with your pets, this will not mean that you get tossed out of the house. But if it does make sure you get another pet that is really old. A pet that understands that cats are the only thing in their lives. i.e. old ladies or old men. Now you may want to assess the situation before you comment to a new pet. Things you should pay attention to are things like will my new pet truly appreciate a new owner? Training a new pet could be difficult. Make sure you know that you want to stay, this usually comes by way of tuna, canned cat food or even some milk. If they are not willing to make you welcome. Just go on down the road.
Do they already have owners living with them? (this may not be important but you don’t want to feel that you are just visiting.) Sometimes the pets get a little overwhelmed is they have more than one owner, they don’t get enough time to pay attention to everyone. Just go on down the road.

MY steadfast rule is that there be no other of those other pets – DOGS. I can put up with a goldfish or even a bird (YUMMY!!) yes a bird would be nice! but no DOGS!! Yes, this would be a must if they have dogs don’t even stay around to see if they have tuna!! Just go on down the road.

It might be a good thing for you to visit a time or two to see if you really want this new pet. With so many pets looking for an owner it shouldn’t be hard to find a pet that fits your needs. Just remember that their purpose in life is making you happy. If you are happy they will be happy!